KVML is a joint venture company between Kamaz Inc. Russia  and the Vectra group.
KAMAZ Group of Companies is the largest automobile corporation of the Russian Federation. KAMAZ Inc. ranks one of the leading world heavy truck manufacturer and takes 8th place in the world by production volumes of diesel engines. About 59 thousand people work in departments and associated companies of KAMAZ Inc.
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The Vectra Group is a multi-dimensional portfolio of companies that operate in various business domains across the world. The core businesses of the Group are Engineering, Material Handling & Construction Equipment, Automotive and Real Estate, Information Technology & Services sectors. Operations of the Vectra Group are primarily in India and Eastern Europe spanning over 18 companies with 8 manufacturing facilities in 4 countries. In addition Vectra Group has representative offices and/or investments in France, Russia, Singapore and Hungary with the Groupís headquarters in the U.K.
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